I don’t normally do this.

In fact, I’ve never done this before.

But I’ve decided to make the video above and this post because I am so excited about the VP of content opportunity and I just want to take a few  minutes to tell you why.

And to explain why I think I would be a great fit for this position.

First, why is this opportunity so exciting?

I’ve been observing, reporting, and writing about the crypto space since 2014 — it’s hard to believe that it’s been almost ten years now.

At first I was an outsider.

But then I became so fascinated by the possibilities of crypto — and the idea of a permissionless financial system — that in 2018 I quit my stable job with a pension to jump into the industry.

It’s been quite a ride since.

I’ve seen the digital asset space go through a lot of iterations as it grows and matures.

As time goes by, I have become more convinced that the road to mass adoption of digital assets won’t come from some wild idea like dynamic NFTs or liquid staking derivatives.

While those technologies are super interesting and definitely play a role in the future of finance, I don’t think they are directly applicable to everyday life.

But you know what is?

A form of digital currency that can be sent and received securely, quickly, and with fees that are almost nothing.

Add to that factors like price stability and global reach, and you have a tool that is immediately useful to just about everyone.

To me the future of crypto isn’t about the latest tech or the newest hype. It’s about getting paychecks in digital currencies, or seamless sending money across devices and across the planet without having to jump through hoops or worry about complexities.

Really, it’s about not having to think about any of it — but knowing the money system that you have complete control over will work. Every time.

And that it will work the same for everyone.

If that’s the kind of future you all are building at Circle, then I want in.

Why do I think I would be a good fit for this role?

In my professional life before crypto, I wrote magazine stories about science, and then about engineering and technology.

During those years, my speciality became making technical topics approachable to general audiences — a skillset that would come in handy once I got deeper into digital assets.

Once I took a deep dive on crypto, I couldn’t let it go.

I think it’s the combo of different disciplines (like finance, engineering, economics, policy, etc.) combined with the potential for massive global impact that keep me coming back.

Over the years since joining the industry, I’ve had a chance to work on a number of marketing teams and talk about crypto use cases from a bunch of different angles.

Whether it’s product updates, company blog posts, media pitches, video and podcast scripts, website copywriting, or even a comic book series about bitcoin, I have collected a vast library of digital asset content experience that I can pull from and leverage for future projects.

For the past three years I have also been the head of content and editor-in-chief for a remote-first media company in the education space. During that time, I’ve built a team of writers and content producers to efficiently execute on projects that share unified style, voice, and tone.

What I’m looking for now is a role that will let me combine all of these experiences while doing work that is visible and has a high potential for impact.

In that regard, it sounds like my career path and the need for a VP of Content at Circle are pretty closely aligned.

I really hope to be able to talk about the position with you.

hello, Circle

This post is like a cover letter, only better. Hopefully, it helps explain why I think this position is a great fit.