How to move onchain | A guide

This guide is all about how to move onchain. It starts with a general backgrounder about what it means to move onchain. The guide also contains some of the basic steps or considerations when moving onchain.

How to move onchain | A guide
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Onchain is the new online. Learn how to get started

This guide is designed for people who are looking to learn more about:

  • what it means to be onchain
  • finding ways to do more onchain
  • how to join the growing wave of early adopters

Getting onchain right now is a lot like what it felt like getting online in the late 1990s. Most people first start online by getting an email address.

That first email handle was like a gateway. Pretty soon you will be logging in to check for messages. Then you would be looking at blogs, then over time other services became available — you could shop, or reconnect with old friends or distant family via social media.

Over time, more and more of our lives moved online.

In a lot of ways, the same pattern is repeating itself. This time the gateway or the entry point is a web3 wallet. Setting up a web3 wallet is a lot like getting that first email address and it enables moving more of our lives onchain.

A web3 wallet is a key to your identity onchain. Once you have a compatible web3 wallet you’ll be able to access all kinds of apps and services. Just like how an early email led to building a life online, a web3 wallet will lead to new activities onchain.

But there’s a big difference. When we were all first getting online, we didn’t realize that we were handing over valuable information and ceding ownership of all of the content we would create over the years to the companies providing our emails our social media, or our favorite shopping sites.

Online we were never really owners. Onchain, we own our data and we control our identity through the wallet system. Onchain, things will be different.

But before we get into more details about what you can do onchain, let’s first talk about what we mean when we say onchain.

What does onchain mean? Keep reading👇 to learn more and get started.

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