A trip to the Sacramento River

This is a recent piece about restoration and resiliency planning on the Sacramento River. It's my last piece for Estuary News, a long-running environmental magazine in the San Francisco Bay Area. The magazine, like a lot of good magazines, no longer exists.

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What happens when AI and crypto meet?

This article first appeared on this website, but I wanted to feature it here, especially after the Sacramento River article, because I think it helps demonstrate my range of interests.

The river piece features on-the-ground reporting, while this piece is more of an essay. The river piece is also about the past (natural history and human interventions) and the future. The AI/crypto piece is about the present and the future.

So, if there is a theme developing, it's that I have an interest if what the future will look like.

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Creative projects

Code meets money: A graphic novel

I created and managed the production of this project, which is a graphic novel explainer of bitcoin.

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Crypto literacy report and site content

I helped create elements of the annual report for cryptoliteracy.org (for 2021 and 2022) and the supporting articles on the website.

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