Today is the deadline day for the Farcaster Writing Hackathon.

The goal of the hackathon was to bring together writers from across the Farcaster ecosystem and build a community around people that write onchain.

These were the prompts/guidelines for the hackathon

The event kicked off a week ago. One group of people met in the Variant (a VC firm) in NYC. Another group met via URL.

We met a couple of times throughout the day and mainly shared ideas about what we were interested in writing.

As the submissions rolled in throughout the week, they’ve covered everything from how-to guides and explainers to big-picture think pieces.

Confused by Farcaster?
With enough traction, a fully decentralized social media platform could provide the leverage needed to change how the internet works.

This is my submission for the writing hackathon

I decided to use the hackathon as a chance to write a personal essay. I chose this format mainly because it gave me a break from the regular writing I do.

In the essay I came up with, I use my experience as a Peace Corps volunteer from 20 years ago as an analogy for how I navigate the complexity of trying to understand a new kind of decentralized social media.

I have my thoughts about how the piece turned out. But my biggest takeaway was that it was a nice change of pace writing-wise. It was also fun to be part of a community of writers. I hope that the writing hackathon (or something like it) continues.

Last thing: This was the first time I published a piece onchain. I’ve written plenty about moving onchain, but I’ve been hesitant to move my work onchain, mainly because that’s not where my audience is (yet). The hackathon experience has got me interested in moving more of my writing onchain.

A hackathon for writers

Because "writers are builders too"