Onchain Summer was a month-long buildathon that focused on or featured projects working in the Base ecosystem.

As a quick reminder, Base is a layer 2 stack built on Ethereum. The main goal of Base is to make transactions faster and cheaper, which increases the utility of decentralized applications.

I’ve written about Base before. Also related are the concepts of modular blockchain design and the superchain idea.

Even without all of the context, it’s enough to know that Base is blowing up as the low transaction fees and general interoperability with other components of the Ethereum ecosystem have made it possible to build new kinds of functionality.

Just wrapping up its second year, Onchain Summer is a time of focused attention on the Base ecosystem. Themed events, build grants, and social media campaigns comprised most of the Onchain Summer activities.

In terms of creating overall attention and excitement about building on Base, the month-long Onchain Summer campaign also helped demonstrate some of the possibilities when building onchain.

But here’s the thing. While Onchain Summer might be ending for the year, there is still plenty of time to get up to speed on what it means to be onchain. And more importantly, how to get onchain.

Free 5-day how to get onchain email course

I recently created a free 5-day email course that covers the basics of how to get onchain.

The goal of the course is to connect some dots and cover some of the basics related to what onchain is and why onchain technologies are so significant.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Why onchain is the new online
  • What do we mean when we say onchain?
  • Why is the world migrating onchain & why now?
  • What are the main components of moving onchain?
  • What will you do onchain? Learn about new kinds of apps and services.

The course isn’t Base-specific. Instead, it provides a wider angle into the general momentum and energy behind the major inflection point underway. Just because Onchain Summer is over, doesn’t mean you’ve missed anything. Now is a great time to move onchain and learn more. Check it out and get started today:

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Check out the free 5-day email course all about how to get onchain.

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What comes after Onchain Summer?

Check out this free 5-day email course all about how to get onchain.