The thing about writing on the internet is that it can take many forms.

For some, writing on the internet means posting on social media. For others, it means writing massive essays.

Sometimes writing on the internet means getting a byline on legit websites or publications. Other times, it means going it alone and building something completely independent.

I’ve been writing on the internet in all kinds of formats for almost two decades now. And the truth is, I’m still not sure how to answer the question, “What is writing on the internet?”

I’ve decided maybe it doesn’t matter. Instead, I’m more invested in trying to figure out how often should I be writing on the internet. There seems to be some sweet spot between cadence and messaging.

What I mean is that you want to contribute just the right amount of writing at just the right frequency. My operating assumption is if you do that long enough, good things will happen.

I’m not entirely sure if the sweet spot has to do with human attention or memory, the pace of digital churn, or because of the algorithms that govern how and where the great library of the internet gets seen.

For the first five months of this year, I was trying out a cadence of publishing three posts a week. Two new posts and then a weekly recap that I send out as a newsletter. That was working well.

Then I switched to just doing the weekly newsletter. I wanted to see what would happen if I just published once a week.

I don’t have super clear data, but traffic and attention have dropped off. I’m not sure if this is directly related to the publishing cadence (the change in frequency and traffic drop don’t entirely overlap) or because of some kind of other issues.

*I’ve seen similar drops in organic traffic from other projects and sites I’m working on. My takeaway is that the internet is undergoing a massive reshuffle in organic search so finding easy comps is rough.

Anyway, this is a very lengthy way of getting to my point. I’m going to try publishing almost daily short-form content and aggregating/summarizing still in the weekly newsletter.

The weekly newsletter will continue to flesh out the Open Money thesis or framework, but I will use the daily posts to get into other topics.

My goal is to try this cadence for several months and see if it changes things and/or if there are any discernible outcomes.

I still might not be able to answer the question, “What is internet writing?” but I might be able to get a better handle on “How often should I post?”

Writing on the internet

Two big questions (What is writing on the internet? And how often should I write on the internet?) No clear answers...yet.