A database of 2023 reviews and 2024 outlooks for crypto

This post contains a database of year end crypto reports. The reports come from crypto companies, experts, and investors.

A database of 2023 reviews and 2024 outlooks for crypto

So 2023 is over. What just happened? And we're in 2024? What is coming next?

If you follow crypto, it feels like we are entering a pivot point. And the end of the year/beginning of the year provides a great time to gain some prospective and publish thought pieces.

There were a few themes that seemed to surface in this year's review/outlook reports, including:

  • There is a lot of bullishness surrounding the expected Bitcoin ETF approval (most assume the approval will come in January) and the Bitcoin halving (which will happen in April). All of the reports mention this combo as the main driver of a positive outlook for crypto markets in 2024. Although the overall impact of these two events vary widely.
  • Despite the bear market of the previous couple of years, there has been a lot of innovation and growth, including in scaling (like rollups) and Bitcoin Ordinals.
  • One area of growth likely in 2024 is increased utility for crypto, things like increased use of stablecoin off-ramps for remittances (an early crypto use case that was slowed because of the friction of moving money from crypto to local currencies).
  • There are also a lot of more light-hearted predictions for the coming year in crypto including Taylor Swift launching an NFT collection, Satoshi being named Time's Person of the Year, and the launch of a blockbuster blockchain-based game.

This listing of reports will be updated as new pieces are published.