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I send out a newsletter every week. At a high level, it covers the move towards open, permissionless money and what that all means.

Here's an example of a previous issue:

What is degen? | A new kind of social currency
This post is all about a new kind of social currency called degen.
The skinny fat protocol thesis
This issue of the newsletter takes a look at how the Fat Protocol Thesis is changing as layer 2 activity starts to explode.
Issue 16: Superchain, layer 3, and the push to scale
This issue of the newsletter is about the recent explosion in blockchain scaling and what that will enable as more activity moves onchain.
Issue 15: The best use of Bitcoin’s block space
This issue of the newsletter is a roundup of posts featuring the launch of Runes and what it means for Bitcoin’s limited block space.
Issue 14: The big deal about the halving
This issue of the newsletter focuses on the bitcoin halving and why its so important and who the halving could affect hashrate.
Issue 13: Is onchain publishing a new new media model?
This issue of the newsletter is all about onchain publishing. The crux is whether or not onchain publishing will create new kinds of media models.
Issue 12: Time to mint an NFT
This issue of the newsletter includes both a 30,000-foot view of why NFTs are important and a very tactical view of how to actually mint one.
Issue 11: Get fit, play games, all onchain
This issue of the newsletter brings together the first two posts in a series about new onchain apps and services.
Issue 10: Moving onchain: Base and real-world assets
In this issue of the newsletter is all about the building energy driving more activities onchain.
Issue 9: Ethereum’s big week
In this issue, we look at Ethereum three ways including ETH supply dynamics, the recent network upgrades, and the importance of the Ethereum roadmap.
Issue 8: Crypto crime & the world according to memecoins
This issue of the newsletter covers the recent crypto crime report from Chainalysis. It also takes a look at why memecoins are stealing so much of the spotlight.
Issue 7: Blockchain at scale | Modular and rollup designs
In this issue of the newsletter, we cover the idea of modular blockchain design, mentioning rollups specifically.
Issue 5: Decentralized social media and product market fit
This issue takes a dive into innovations happening across decentralized social media including the synergy between ENS and Farcaster.
Bet: Prediction Markets and Open Money
This issue of the newsletter helps with some conversation starters on Super Bowl Sunday. We cover the role and growth of decentralized prediction markets. We also dive into a simple open money framework.
What’s the future of money going to look like?
This issue of the newsletter looks at the idea of the future of money from a few different angles and covers a range of options.
Building on public blockchains: A look at developer activity
This issue of the newsletter is a recap of a dive into crypto developer activity. We looked at what builders are building in two ways: by unpacking the 2023 Developer Report by Electrical Capital and then by looking at how developer activity fits into a basic crypto research stack.
In the newsletter: A three-part series on the bitcoin ETFs
This issue of the newsletter is the culmination of a three part series about the approval and launch of bitcoin exchange traded funds.
Is an ETF bad for Bitcoin? | dePIN
This issue of the newsletter features a look at the Bitcoin ETF approval news and unpacks the suddenly trendy decentralized physical infrastructure.